That was … unexpected

Yeah, well, so much for all our plans for the first part of 2020.  Best laid plans of mice and men, and all that. One event had to be cancelled, as they didn’t drum up enough interest. (It was a closed event, which is why we didn’t advertise it.) And then we were all set to do an event at the Cambridge Science Centre as part of the Cambridge Science Festival on 13 March.

By this time, the coronavirus was affecting things in the UK. Earlier that week, some events at the Science Festival were cancelled, but many were still going ahead. Lockdown was still in the future.

Charlotte (the Younger) came over late morning on the 13th, so we could start prepping for the evening. But then an e-mail came in. I only noticed it because I went to print a recipe out. The Science Festival had cancelled the rest of the events. Since we were holding ours away from the main sites, we could continue, if we wanted. But we thought it wiser to cancel, given there was food and drink involved, and everyone would be in close proximity.

Yes, that all happened two and a half months ago. I came down with Covid-19 (or so the NHS strongly suspects, there not being tests available for regular folk) in early April. I had one of those cases that although I didn’t end up in hospital or anything, the symptoms lasted for over a month. I’m finally back to feel up to blogging, and doing similar things.

This was all by way of saying that we haven’t gone away, or forgotten about Insects & Wine. Quite when we’ll be, who knows. But we will be back, oh yes, we will.

And in the meantime, as you can see from the photo at the top, I’m well-prepared with insects. (Charlotte took the mealworms.) Luckily we were able to cancel the wine order, although, being who I am, I’m still relatively well-stocked with wine.  

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