Silkworms! (I&W launch party – part 2 of 7)

We’re moving through our launch party menu in reverse order, so the next insect is silkworm (Bombyx mori pupae) from Japan, prepared as ‘tsukudani’ in soy sauce and mirin, and described by Shoji:


Insect #6: Silkworms by Shoji

Silkworm from Japan

I must admit, until this fateful evening, I had not been the greatest fan of the silkworm pupae. Not only are they actually caterpillars and not worms, they come with a very distinct, lingering aftertaste, which I have never associated with pleasure or joy.

But I was pleasantly surprised upon trying them in combination with the wines, particularly the Andert Rulander. A gentle sip of it would immediately wash away the the mournful aftertaste like a fresh Austrian breeze. Furthermore, the pupae’s rich flavours (contained in the chewy ooze released after the initial satisfying crunch, mmm…) perfectly complemented and enhanced the smokey, yet soothing taste of the delightful orange wine. That’s right, all of this right in your mouth and without a catch. It was as though the silkworm had finally found its long lost friend.

Silkworm pupae with orange wine, as Shoji recommends

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