Insects & Wine launch party – preview!

The first of three rounds of insects at our launch party, before our guests arrived

Last night, we held a launch party for Insects&Wine. We had LOTS of insects and wine for people to taste and pair with each other. We’re going to post next weekend with all the details, and with some contributions from our guests describing the tastes, and which pairings they liked best.

For now, here’s our event in numbers:

  • 12 wines (5 white, 3 red, 2 orange, and 1 each of rosé and sparkling)
  • 7 insects (from 4 different continents & 5 different countries)
  • 9 tasters (from 7 different countries!)
  • 1 locally available insect that surprised everyone with how tasty it was
  • 10+ memorable quotes and moments, some of which probably shouldn’t be shared publicly…

So we think we’re getting off to a pretty good start 🙂

Thank you to everyone who was involved! And for those reading this who weren’t involved but would like to be:

Have you ever tasted insects with wine? If you’ve got any stories to share, please be in touch! We’re looking for guest bloggers, and for new insect&wine enthusiasts to join our project.

Do you want to keep up with our latest events? Follow us on Twitter! We are: @anthroenology and @libertyruth, and we’ve also got an account only for I&W: @InsectsAndWine

Do you want ideas, advice and recipes for your own events? Contact us! We’ll help you out, free of charge.

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