An updated update, or new news

After a process that included some sole-searching (Me: ‘What was that I just stepped on?’ Charlotte: ‘Was it an insect? Is it edible?  Let me see!  LET ME SEE!!!’), wine being drunk in the name of research, and the pondering of the calendrical cycle (‘Crap, it is late November already?! How did that happen?’), we have come to a conclusion. That is, it will be best to run our event with the Cambridge Science Centre in January, rather than early December, as previously envisioned.

In addition, we’ve also decided that the best way forward at this stage is to commit to running the event as a virtual tasting. This means you’ll be able to join Charlotte and me from the (dis)comfort of your own home or other exotic location.

We haven’t been able to set an exact date yet as to when the event will take place, but expect it to be in the second half of the month. We will keep you updated with dates, meeting platform and other information you’ll need to know – such as cost, how to obtain your Virtual Insects & Wine tasting kit, recommendations for appropriate festive outfits, and so forth.

Fake Gnus. Apologies to whomever created this.
Fake gnus. Unlike the real news in this post. (Apologies to whomever created this, that I’m unable to acknowledge the fact.)

We are back! (Sort of)

We have news.  Whether it is good news or bad depends on your view on edible insects and sustainability. We like to think it is good news, but that really depends on who is reading this. I’d presume you are a fan of edible insects, but these are strange times, and perhaps it is best not to assume too much.

At any rate, as the headline says, we are back. Almost. Sort of.  More exactly, there are plans afoot to do an Insects & Wine evening with the Cambridge Science Centre. These were the folk who were going to host our tasting back in March, as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

As of now, the date has been tentatively set for 11 December. That’s not written in stone, but seems most likely.

What, you may be thinking, if the lockdown is extended?  How will we get our tasty insects and delicious wine? No worries. The team is working tirelessly to make sure a virtual event can be held if that’s the best option.

Recipes are being tested and wines are being drunk all in the name of bringing you the best possible experience. 

Stay tuned for further details…